THC isn’t everything

I love my job. Managing a growing dispensary in an unknown market is thrilling, to say the least. I experience different strains every day, meet new farms and farmers, and get to sell a product that helps customers. The only real downside is the focus on THC percentage. The vast majority of customers simply look... Continue Reading →

Strain Review – Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket has become one of my favorites rather quickly. Everything from the smell to the initial high is orchestral. Golden color saturates the trichomes as if flakes of gold were sprinkled carefully over it. It's a beautiful representation; one that everyone should see. I smoked this out of my 14" double percolator and it... Continue Reading →

Def: ‘Larf’ – What is it?

We've all heard the term larf at some point in our lives. That cannahead buddy of yours who refuses to smoke anything but the finest dank, spouting off about how everything they've tried is larf. Garbage weed. Shwag. "Larf" is slang for smaller, immature buds that never reached their potential. Those wispy, fluffy. leafy buds... Continue Reading →

Blend Review – Sour Blackberry

Before I begin this post, let me explain what a "Blend Review" is. Put simply, it's a review of (at least) two strains ground up together and smoked. It's a great way to reap the benefits of two great strains! For today's 'Blend Review', I chose Blackberry Kush (an indica) and Sour Tsunami (a high... Continue Reading →

Strain Review – Durban Poison

Durban Poison is one of my favorite sativa strains due to its cerebral high. It's like drinking an energy drink, only without all the chemicals and bull semen. It has a short activation time, only a few minutes for myself, and lasts for several hours, making it an incredible strain for a day of activities.... Continue Reading →

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