Blend Review – Sour Blackberry

Before I begin this post, let me explain what a “Blend Review” is. Put simply, it’s a review of (at least) two strains ground up together and smoked. It’s a great way to reap the benefits of two great strains!

For today’s ‘Blend Review’, I chose Blackberry Kush (an indica) and Sour Tsunami (a high CBD strain), hence the name Sour Blackberry. For me, any time I can combine a high CBD strain with a THC-heavy one, it always ends well. The body relaxation of CBD strains always accompany the psychoactive effects of THC perfectly.

Firstly, the taste of the two combined was incredibly. The Blackberry Kush is sweet, light, and flavorful. Sour Tsunami has an actual sour taste to it, and while I admittedly hate sour foods, this was a very nice touch.

Then there’s the high. The buzz. The moment of zen that follows your exhale. I was beyond relaxed, but only in my body. My mind was crisp. Focused. I felt happy. Really, really happy. To the point I exclaimed to my wife how great I felt.

This is what tends to happen when I smoke blends of CBD. It allows my mind and body to experience plant synergy. Too often these high THC-only strains leave me couch-locked and dysfunctional. This wasn’t the case with Sour Blackberry and I truly appreciated that.

I’ll certainly be visiting this blend again.

As in right now.


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