Def: ‘Larf’ – What is it?

We’ve all heard the term larf at some point in our lives. That cannahead buddy of yours who refuses to smoke anything but the finest dank, spouting off about how everything they’ve tried is larf. Garbage weed.


“Larf” is slang for smaller, immature buds that never reached their potential. Those wispy, fluffy. leafy buds found towards the bottom of the cannabis plant simply didn’t mature. This is attributed to varying stimuli, including living in the shadows of bigger plants or poor soil and nutrition.

… poor little guys …

While most farms will mostly eliminate larf, it’s not always such a bad thing, so don’t freak out when you hear the term. Yes, larf typically has lower cannabinoids and terpenes, but not necessarily enough to make it garbage weed. In fact, most larf is discounted so heavily at dispensaries that it’s a great way to grab some cheap bud to share.

Especially with that “friend” who keeps inviting themselves over.

You can also use it to make cannabis oil, edibles, roll into joints, or even blend with higher quality flower for that perfect feel. Point is that it’s really nothing to be afraid of.

Next time you’re looking at a $5 gram of larf, don’t judge and shun. Embrace it like Rudy and let it lift you to victory.

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