Strain Review – Golden Ticket

Golden Ticket has become one of my favorites rather quickly. Everything from the smell to the initial high is orchestral. Golden color saturates the trichomes as if flakes of gold were sprinkled carefully over it.

It’s a beautiful representation; one that everyone should see.

I smoked this out of my 14″ double percolator and it was marvelous. I was hit with an immediate sour taste, followed by a hint of citrus on exhale. The high onset quickly, five minutes at the most, and lasted several hours. While most hybrids tend to lean indica on me, Golden Ticket feels opposite. A tingly, warm body sensation is partnered with a euphoric, creative cerebral high.

The kind of high that makes you want to watch a heart wrenching Netflix documentary on global warming and seriously consider joining the cause.

I really can’t recommend Golden Ticket enough. This particular strain was from Sugar Tree Farm, an outdoor grow in southern Oregon. I’ve had quite a few of their strains and I’m always left impressed.

If you can find Golden Ticket, give it a try. You won’t regret it.

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